Server Official Opening on July 1. Loads of Daily Events. Awesome Boss Raids and Boss Drops !

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Automated Freebies Goblin Points, Generated Once you created your account. Freebies Points only Valid on your !st Created Character. Freebies can be bought in out xShop [FREEBIES].

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Server Informations

Two Server Realms ! x9999 : Instant PvP Server. Nores : Classic Hard Game Play.(Coming Soon)

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x9999 online

Siege Owner: VIETNAM









Weekly Server Maintenance + Anti-hack Updates 19.11.2019

Greetings Hyperians !

Change logs :

- Anti-hack has been Updated to its latest protection
- Added our very own Anti-hack integrated in our Game Server (cannot be bypassed) under live calibrations
- optimizations

Best Regards,
HMU Staff Team

Posted19 / 11 / 2019

Weekly Server Maintenance + Minor Updates 6.11.2019

Weekly maintenance+ Minor Update.

- Antihack System has been updated
; Hack Protection DataBase Updated
; Optimized
; Ping Zapper is no longer supported due to possibility of hooking hacks into the app.
+Alternative Ping Enhancers are :
1. Wtfast ; Setup Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXaw...ature=youtu.be
2. you may also use "VPN"
( Note* other Official Paid Ping Enhancer may work as long as it does not have any sort of Hack Packets/Source ID )

- Fixed Website Event time counter, now in synced with server
- fixed boss announcement global noticed missing text
- Lahap in noria moved Near the vault ( 172, 92 )
- Added Lahap in Aida

- Halloween Last Day Bonus Special (24 Hours)
; New Jack O Lantern Cape Has been Added into "Pumpkin of Luck"
with 5% Drop Rate
- PvP has been tweaked.
; OP Characters Has been adjusted
+ We would much appreciate if everyone gives their feed backs on current pvp. which character that needs bufffed
and characters that needs a Nerf.

- How To Fix Auto Closed Client ; Setup Link : https://youtu.be/yYCHhO6aws4

Please run your Launcher to get the full update & Latest Files to avoid any issues in-game.

Best Regards,
HMU Staff Team

Posted05 / 11 / 2019

[Server] Update 31.10.2019

October 31 Maintenance + Updates

- New Antihack System
- Improved Host Better & Faster 1gb download & Upload Speed (See photo Attached.)
- Fix's & Corrections from players reports.
- T5 - T8 Ancient Options Improved ( minor Adjustments may require if needed )
- Halloween Collectables includes ; 8 Common Pets ; 8 Rare Pets
- Halloween Sets for Male and Female

Note* PvP Settings may need some slight adjustments. please let us know.

P.S if you encounter any problems/issues with the new antihack kindly report it to us.

Best Regards,
HMU Staff Team

Posted31 / 10 / 2019

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