Server Official Opening on July 1. Loads of Daily Events. Awesome Boss Raids and Boss Drops !

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Automated Freebies Goblin Points, Generated Once you created your account. Freebies Points only Valid on your !st Created Character. Freebies can be bought in out xShop [FREEBIES].

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Server Informations

Two Server Realms ! x9999 : Instant PvP Server. Nores : Classic Hard Game Play.(Coming Soon)

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x9999 online

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Christmas Update Patch 2.12.2019

Christmas Patch ChangeLogs 2.12.2019

1. Sealed boxes obtainable from Bc, Cc, Ds, Illusion temple
- Silver sealed box S10 to S14 Weapons, Weapon Anvils, Custom Jewels, S8 Access.
- Gold sealed box T@ to T8 Set parts, Set Anvils, Custom Jewels, S8 Access.

2. S4 to S6 Weapon and Set parts random 4opt default 2 slot.
- Huntable
- Medusa
- Selupan
- Kundun
- aida Hellmaine
- Removed ancient drops

3. Devil square Drops
- Ancient T1 parts
- Normal Jewels
- Custom Jewels
- Lvl 5 Sphere penta
- Toca
- Tol

4. Stadium spots monster spawn radius changed to 1

5. Switch to PS Sistemas, Enable Pingzapper again.

6. Full implementation of GS Anti cheat.

7. Added "Success Rate" itemtooltip info on all Custom Jewels

8. Christmas item patch Events
- Christmas Sets [M/F]
- Christmas Muun Pets [ 4 Collectables ]
- Christmas Lorencia Seasonal Theme
- Christmas Loading Screen

9. DoopleGanger Event Drops
- Bundle Jewels
- Custom Jewels
- Sil/Gold Key
- Silver/Gold Sealed Box

10. Imperial Guardian Event Drops
- Bundle Jewels
- Custom Jewels
- Sil/Gold Key
- Silver/Gold Sealed Box

11. Blood Castle / Chaos Castle Drops
- Bundle Jewels
- Custom Jewels
- Sil/Gold Key
- Silver/Gold Sealed Box
- Ancient Set Items

12. Illusion Temple Event Drops
- Custom Jewels
- Sil/Gold Key
- Silver/Gold Sealed Box
- Red Fenrir

13. PvP Settings Has Been Slightly Adjusted.
- OP Class has been slightly debuffed
- Weak Class Has been slightly Buffed

13.1 Summoner Skills Adjusted
- Sleep Skill
; Reduced Success Rate
; Increased Sleep Duration

- Innovation Skill
; Reduced Success Rate
; Debuff Increased Effects

- Weakness Skill
; Reduced Success Rate
; Debuff Increased Effects

14. xShop Updated
- Added Silver/Gold Keys In "Hunt Coins" Category Under "Misc"
- Silver/Gold Keys "Hunt Points" Price Increased
- Added Silver/Gold Keys "W Coins" Currency ( Misc )

15. Christmas 30% PROMO has been released for the Whole month of December ONLY.
; http://donation.hypermu.biz/

16. MANUAL PATCH (Optional)
- Download Link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VaV...ew?usp=sharing
( Extract to HyperMU Game Folder )

Delete all UGK Files to avoid game load issues

18. Add Main.exe to Data Loss Prevention ( this must be done, otherwise your game will auto closed after loading )
- Guide Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnzRnVXLldA

We Apologise for the Downtime.

Best Regards,
HMU Staff Team

Posted02 / 12 / 2019

Weekly Server Maintenance + Anti-hack Updates 19.11.2019

Greetings Hyperians !

Change logs :

- Anti-hack has been Updated to its latest protection
- Added our very own Anti-hack integrated in our Game Server (cannot be bypassed) under live calibrations
- optimizations

Best Regards,
HMU Staff Team

Posted19 / 11 / 2019

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