Server Official Opening on July 1. Loads of Daily Events. Awesome Boss Raids and Boss Drops !

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Automated Freebies Goblin Points, Generated Once you created your account. Freebies Points only Valid on your !st Created Character. Freebies can be bought in out xShop [FREEBIES].

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Server Informations

Two Server Realms ! x9999 : Instant PvP Server. Nores : Classic Hard Game Play.(Coming Soon)

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x9999 online

Siege Owner: AMNESTY








News and Updates






Change logs :
- Moved to new server host
- Added Sub-Server (this server does not have any events,boss monsters etc.. this is only for people who wants to level and reset/grand resets peacefully without getting PK.)

- fixed Reset not in synced with in-game/website
- increased GR reward to 2,000WC & 1,000 HC
- OffStore has been disabled in PVP
- Offstore Enabled only in Non-PVP (Loren Market)

Best Regards,
HMU staff team

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HyperMU Network offers fun and exciting PvP action for all players! Join the battle in this free MMORPG and compete to become the king, the supreme ruler of the world!.

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